Inside the Studio


Traditional craftsmanship is the foundation for our fine, handmade porcelain jewelry. Our careful precision in this heritage craft demands clean lines and surfaces free from imperfection, and results in consistently stunning, smooth matte porcelain juxtaposed with shiny glaze and gold-dipped edges.

Each piece begins its life as raw, wet, unformed porcelain clay. It is meticulously formed by hand, glazed, gilded and fired three separate times over the course of its creation. Then the piece is ready to be strung or posted with 14k gold filled components.

We are dedicated to the fine, handmade quality of each and every piece that leaves ASH Studio, our wearable modern art with an easy, touchable luxuriousness.



Ashlee Meadows, the creator of the ASH collection, completed her BFA in Ceramics from Brigham Young University before coming back home to the East. She has been designing and creating with clay for over a decade, based in her warm, bright home studio in North Carolina. She has always had an innate need to create, and loves texture. In order to understand an object, she must feel it with her fingers. This sensibility has informed her vision, her unique and modern aesthetic, which is inspired by everything that she is, she sees, touches, and makes.