Valentine's Giveaway Posted on 10 Feb 13:10 , 42 comments

Valentine's Giveaway

Congratulations to Hannah Andrews for winning this contest!

 petite square studs, pinkvertex 14k gold filled earringsdeco necklace, long


It's the most romantic time of year, and to celebrate, we are having a giveaway! Enter to win a $70 credit at ASH Jewelry Studio.

To enter: leave a comment below AND follow us on Facebook or Instagram @ashjewelrystudio

After you enter, we hope you take some time to view our jewelry. Each piece is handmade from porcelain clay and 14k gold filled metals.

The winner will be randomly selected on February 14, 2017. Good luck!

The Wired Collection Posted on 15 Nov 11:37 , 32 comments

Wired hoop earrings, simply gold by Ash Jewelry Studio

A modern take on the hoop earring, this collection of 14k gold filled earrings is super versatile.  Many of these light weight adornments can be worn in numerous ways.  Each pair comes with rubber backs so that you can choose how you'd like to wear the earrings and keep them in place.  You can even hang them different ways in each ear to achieve a mismatched look. 

In The Round Posted on 25 May 09:25 , 6 comments

Introducing our "In the Round" collection. A new line of luxury and modern jewelry featuring beautiful porcelain complete with shiny and matte gold finishes. Our porcelain jewelry line now includes rings, bracelets, and more 14k gold filled metals.
We want to extend a special welcome to our fans who heard about us in the Charlotte Observer. We think you will find pieces that fit your style and give you that elegant and effortless look!

Sneak Peek Inside the Studio Posted on 15 Mar 09:57 , 6 comments

Enjoy this sneak peek of Ashlee creating in her studio. Fine. Handmade. Porcelain.



Glam up your Bean Boots Posted on 2 Oct 11:00 , 5 comments

Bean Boot love.


Glam up you Bean boots!




Hello, Fall wardrobe!  I love you.

I do miss the warmth of Summer, but I don't mind pushing the summer clothes to the back of the closet to make room for sweaters and boots.  I'm especially smitten with Bean boots lately.  These all-weather boots are perfect for those chilly days when you don't want to expose your suede or leather boots to mother nature's finicky moods. They're cozy, yet stylish and so versatile.  Here are some ideas to glam up your Bean boots.

Welcome to ASH Jewelry Studio Posted on 21 Sep 10:26 , 5 comments

Exciting things are happening here at ASH Jewelry Studio as of late: fresh designs, a new website, and FREE SHIPPING!

Check out the gallery to see my latest designs, including my tiny Mondrian-inspired stud earrings, a lucky horseshoe necklace, and more!

We’ve been working tirelessly to get the new site up and I’m thrilled about the fact that you can now buy directly from my website. When you order from my site you are connecting directly with me, Ashlee Meadows. I’ve have designed and meticulously created each piece in the ASH collection.

Along with the new site I’ve decided to change my shipping prices to . . . um . . . free. Yes, FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Free Priority shipping for all orders shipping within the US and free First Class International for all others.